Catering by Swanky Scoop

Brightening up any occasion

Need some ice cream awesomeness for your next wedding, corporate event or family celebration?  Swanky Scoop can bring our artisan ice cream awesomeness to you.

With our ice cream cart, our friendly Scoopers are happy to delight your guests with several of our decadent, made in house flavors. Another option is pre-scooped ice cream cups, ice cream sandwiches or even custom cakes and cupcakes.  We are honored to help make your event uncompromisingly awesome.

Catering Options

On-Site Scoopers Package - starting at $900

Includes: Ice cream in tubs for up to 100 guests. Staffed by two On-Site Scoopers for 2 hours of Scoop Service and 1 hour of total travel time. We offer the choice of 4 ice cream flavors (vegan options available). Extras such as cups, napkins, spoons, a printed menu and waffle cone wedges.

Thinking about more guests, more time, or just more swanky? Add-on options include: Additional guests ($7/guest); Additional travel, scooping, or idle time ($100/hr); Hand rolled waffle cones ($1.50/each); Gluten free waffle cones ($2.00/each); Toppings bar; Custom ice cream flavor development; Ice cream sandwiches or cupcakes; Custom Ice cream cake; Personalized ice cream macaron sandwiches.

Pre-Packaged Ice Cream Treats

This flexible option has many choices to mix-and-match from:

  • Your choice of flavors in pre-packaged single-size scoops
  • Your choice of flavors in pre-packaged child-size scoops
  • Waffle cone, regular or Gluten-Free
  • Ice cream sandwiches
  • Custom ice cream cakes
  • Ice cream cupcakes
  • Popsicles (mini or large)
  • Personalized ice cream macaron sandwiches

Filling out our Catering Inquiry Form is the first step in booking Swanky Scoop at your event.  After you have submitted your form, we'll reach out to you to provide pricing and availability details.

Experience Ice Cream Awesomeness from Swanky Scoop