Ice Cream Flavors

Our Menu of Uncompromising Awesomeness

Wondering what we are scooping? At the Swanky Scoop ice cream shop, we make our decadent ice cream in small batches.  Not only does that guarantee the freshest of ice creams, it allows us to rotate flavors regularly. Want to stay in the know? Check back here to see what we're scooping day to day. We are dedicated to creating an accessible allergy-aware menu so feel free to explore!

Our Non-Dairy Flavor Starting Line Up - going fast!

Sneak Peek into What's Up Next

Wondering what ice cream awesomeness is coming up next?
We're happy to offer a sneak peek if we are getting a new tub ready to go!

So much ice cream to enjoy!

Looking for your favorite ice cream flavors like cookies and cream, strawberry or chocolate?  Or perhaps something that will surprise and delight you?  The clever ice cream chefs at Swanky Scoop have something for everyone. We combine some top-notch culinary training with an adventurous flavor palette to create the best ice cream flavors for our customers. Our founder, Bonnie Plottner's ice cream passion means the entire Swanky Scoop team is scooping ice cream to bring smiles to everyone in our community.

With a quick glance, you can see what our ice cream is made with thanks to our Easy Allergen Menu Icons:

tree nut
Tree Nuts
Synthetic color
Synthetic Color

Allergy-Aware and Uncompromisingly Delicious

Swanky Scoop takes pride in creating artisan ice cream accessible for everyone. Whether you are dairy-, egg-, nut-, or gluten-free, we have delicious options for you. We even bake our own amazing gluten-free waffle cones, and keep our vegan flavors in a separate cooler case with their own scoops. At Swanky Scoop, the entire family can enjoy incredible ice cream together.