Holiday Desserts

Limited edition, festive seasonal desserts

Swanky Scoop makes a variety of handcrafted holiday ice cream desserts throughout the year.  From ice cream pies made with your favorite Thanksgiving flavors, to unique Christmas desserts - Swanky Scoop will make every holiday special. Check back here to see what we are preparing to make your holiday special.

**Pre-orders closed on December 17. Please check your receipt for your pick up day. Thank you!**

For the most magical time of the year

FAQs for your holiday orders

When is my order ready?
When you order your dessert, you'll get to select when you pick up your order. This is a very busy time of year for our shop, so please mark down the date so your order will be ready when you come by.
When should I order by?
Now! We have a very limited quantity available, and as soon as we max out we will be turning off the items.
Can I customize my order?
Some desserts have customize options available, but not all of them. For instance, the Thanksgiving Pies have different toppings to choose from but the Yule Logs do not have any customizable options.

Make your holiday Swanky

Swanky Scoop takes pride in creating uncompromisingly awesome ice cream accessible for everyone. That's especially true during the holidays, when gathering together with friends and family adds so much to the season.

Whether you are dairy-, egg-, nut-, or gluten-free, we have delicious options for you. We offer amazing gluten-free waffle cones, and even keep our vegan flavors in a separate cooler case with their own scoops. Explore all our vegan flavors and find your new favorite!